Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to achieve financial investment success with your financial adviser

- Save money regularly
- Setup your investment goals and financial objectives
- Establish an excellent relationship with your financial adviser
- Make sure your financial adviser understands your financial plan for the future
- After your financial adviser understood your financial objectives and goals, he/she should come up with a printout that outlines your financial plan indicating your financial goals, current financial situation, personality, age, degree of conservativeness, level of aggressiveness, and risk tolerance.
- Your financial adviser should come up with an investment strategy and investment portfolio tailored according to your financial situation, preferences, risks levels, expectations, goals, plans, and objectives
- Ensure a regular automatic investment amount taken monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly debit from your bank account
- Diversify. This is an essential investment strategy as it allows a reasonable asset mix of the types of investment for your portfolio allowing you to compensate for loses as well as take advantage of substantial gains
- Contribute regularly to your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) as its growth is sheltered from tax
- Regular updates, new information, monitoring and analysis of the performance and opportunities of your investment portfolio
- Ask for recommendations, solutions,  and strategy on how to meet and attain your financial goals and investment objectives
- Feel free, open and honestly bring out questions and concerns to your financial advisor and make sure you understand his or her answers, explanations, and solutions


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