Monday, December 10, 2012

5 Ways How to Wisely Manage & Control your Credit Card Expenses

1. Have only one credit card

Get rid of retailers' cards, gas station cards, department store cards, home improvement cards, & all kinds of cards of similar nature that charges extremely high interest rates. Having more than one credit card increases your chances of being tempted to swipe your way to bigger credit card balances towards the end of the month.

2. Have a reasonable credit limit

Call your bank or credit card company and reduce your credit limit or set it to an amount that is reasonable and within your comfortable zone. Bank and credit card companies call you or send you mail and offer these credit limit increases but it's YOU that controls and decides. Avoid these traps and temptations.

3. Don't carry it with you when you don't really have to.

If you have the extra cash to purchase an item or a consumer product, use it. Use your credit card when you really need it or when there's a big reason for it (example: miles, points, bonuses, etc.). When you use your credit card however, make sure you pay the FULL credit card balance before your monthly due date to avoid those sky-rocketing high interest rates that adds extra burden on your finances.

4. Don't buy what you can't afford

Buy only what you really need and purchase it at the right time and when you have the right budget to purchase and own it.

5. Don't be tempted

Don't envy your neighbor's shining and nice-looking furniture or your friend's flashy jewelries, bracelet or wrist watch.

*** Self-control is the key. Control your credit card expenses & don't let your credit card control you!

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